Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time is a River

I read a book called 'Organizing From the Inside Out' and realized that while I have organized my space and my belongings fairly well, I have failed to organize my time, which leads to disorganization of the other areas.
I have have known for some time that I had a problem with my use of time. I set up schedules and create systems, but I blatantly disregard them. Time is wasted in stupid ways and I lose control of my life.
I am currently away from home for several weeks and this strikes me as an ideal time to analyze my various stewardships and create a means to manage then by wise use of time.
I have resisted is getting up at the same hour every day no matter what day of the week. Six AM works for me. At the other end of the day I need to go to bed at 10:30 and take a nap or two at regular times during the day to let my mind rest. I long ago learned that a nap, even when I don't sleep, can refresh me and help me get a fresh perspective on the tasks and challenges I face.
Time is fluid, but it cannot be saved or stored up. It can only be used or wasted.