Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank Heavens for Health

I am in fairly rapid recovery from a fairly violent urinary tract infection. The secret of my recovery is the homeopathic remedy Cantharis. I have gone from utter misery and a fever to relative comfort and normality within the space of about 20 hours. This is good. It makes me extra grateful for health and well being. I guess that it is helpful now and then to get sick. It reminds us of how good it feel to be well.
I dislike the term 'wellness' intensively. 'Good Health' is an excellent description of the state opposite 'disease'. I guess the word derives as an opposite of sickness. Perhaps it is supposed to be an analogue of 'Happiness'.
I feel relatively well at this point. I can still feel the effects of the disease, but I am not suffering. Hmm, I realize now how many terms there are for the misery of disease and decrepitude. Maybe the people who pushed the term 'wellness' felt it was necessary to add to the terms we could employ to describe a state of felling good, without affliction, etc., but I would like to see it lose currency.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Nearest Friend Died Suddenly

Sue called me at 4 AM Monday morning and I was up to take the call, which is unusual since I am a sound and steady sleeper, rarely waking and easily getting back to sleep when I wake. I woke around 1:30 AM, around the time she fell on her kitchen floor. I tried to go to sleep, but finally resigned myself to using the time constructively by looking into airline fares online for a trip I was planning. She asked me to bring Arnica since she thought she might be bruised. I also took a walker I inherited from my father.
I soon realized it was likely she had broken a bone in her right leg near the hip. I cleared her entry so a gurney could be brought in and after getting a few things in order, called 911. I drove to the hospital and found my friend the center of a lot of frantic activity. Later I learned that she had chatted with the paramedics, then said 'I'm passing out'. The paramedics gave her oxygen but she was not breathing. For the next forty five minutes or so they tried to revive her while I called her relatives.
Her death was sudden, likely caused by marrow spilled into the blood by the fracture, causing heart failure. My sorrow at her passing is greatly relieved by the feeling that this was how she would have chosen to pass away, without a lengthy period of invalidism and dependence.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Making Things Better (Or Not)

I have been trying to sign into this blog and make a new post. Meanwhile Google changed things around, making it difficult to simply sign in and post. I hope that I can remember the new rules. I am sure that the people doing this are practically breaking their arms patting themselves on the back with self-congratulation. I wonder how many people have given up the fight and simply gone with another provider.