Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank Heavens for Health

I am in fairly rapid recovery from a fairly violent urinary tract infection. The secret of my recovery is the homeopathic remedy Cantharis. I have gone from utter misery and a fever to relative comfort and normality within the space of about 20 hours. This is good. It makes me extra grateful for health and well being. I guess that it is helpful now and then to get sick. It reminds us of how good it feel to be well.
I dislike the term 'wellness' intensively. 'Good Health' is an excellent description of the state opposite 'disease'. I guess the word derives as an opposite of sickness. Perhaps it is supposed to be an analogue of 'Happiness'.
I feel relatively well at this point. I can still feel the effects of the disease, but I am not suffering. Hmm, I realize now how many terms there are for the misery of disease and decrepitude. Maybe the people who pushed the term 'wellness' felt it was necessary to add to the terms we could employ to describe a state of felling good, without affliction, etc., but I would like to see it lose currency.

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