Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Now Believe that the PTB intended homicide

As I review the actions taken by authorities with regard to my son Richard I have come to the conclusion that they intended to dispose of him. The severity of using three tasers simultaneously, administered when he was in close hold of at least five men, argues that they had no reason to use the devices for subduing him. They were large and armed. He was sleepy and shoeless. He offered no threat other than his dangerous opinions. That the authorities; Provo Police Department, Wasatch Mental Health, and others associated with this action have continued their harassment is despicable. After committing him involuntarily with no request for action other than a phone call from the FBI, which now seems to deny having instigated the activity, the hospital kept him for several days after the 'Mental Health' court decided he offered no threat. Bills for more than $30,000 have been rendered for this action. So now he is expected to pay for a flagrant violation of his civil rights? I have heard of few worse actions by the KGB or Gestapo. This post could get me into trouble, but sometimes you have to stand on a wall and warn people.

Family Togetherness

Early on Thursday morning I returned from a week of family reunion. It was only partial since four of my nine living children couldn't attend for various reasons. Even so, with nine grandchildren, including one who must be counted as an adult since she is married and attending college, and ten other adults, it made enough of a crowd to require planning. My ex-husband recently purchased a large brick house with eight or nine bedrooms, most with an en-suite bathroom and there are two additional half-baths in various levels. Keeping toilet paper stocked was a minor goal. The cousins had a lot of fun at fairly simple pleasures; sliding down an improvised water slide made of 25 feet of polyethylene sheet, visiting the local pool, running around the vast empty rooms of their grandfather's new house, visiting a puppet show in a local park and playing in the playground that has a climbing tower. The adults mostly visited and watched the children. Early in the week before the younger cousins came I took the older cousins to the Smithsonian where we walked from the Castle to the Air and Space Museum to the American Indian Museum and across the Mall to the East Wing of the National Gallery for a quick tour through the small French paintings exhibit. Then we ate lunch in the Cascade cafe where I introduced them to Gelato before we made a quick tour through the east half of the gallery and down the front stairs and on to the Natural History Museum. After a tour through bones and stones and taxidermy and a stop at the museum shop everyone voted to return to the Castle and end the day. My daughter cruised by and carried us home, replete with visual information to be digested.