Saturday, May 16, 2009


The bump is gone and in its place is a divot. The PA who removed it said there seems to be more in there and I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to see the results of the biopsy and determine what more will be done. At least I can wear a badaid that isn't pushed out of place by the thing on my nose.
My 'upside down' tomatoes seem to be growing fairly well and I'm going to plant a 'container' garden today. This decision is based on the aggressive growth of grapevines that make it a chore of great proportions to clear my garden plot. I inherited some nice rhubarb plants from the previous owner, as well as apple, apricot and plum trees and the aforesaid grapes which are pale green and seedless with a pleasant flavor when they fruit instead of taking over the entire yard.
I hope some progess can be made on the green house.

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Lucky Day said...

I got some strawberry plants today and plan to plant them in the large container I've had empty on the back porch for 3 years. Life...

I'm keeping you in my prayers.