Saturday, June 04, 2011

Strange Things

I wear soft contact lenses. Every night I take them out and put them in again the next morning. Every twenty days I throw the old contact lenses away and get out a fresh pair. I keep the boxes of unopened contact lens in my safe which is hard to access. A few days ago I woke up and prepared to put in my contact lenses. I had no trouble with the right eye, but when I tried to put the lens in my left eye instead of having a sudden improvement in my eyesight, things remained dim. I tried again and again with the same results. Then I noticed that I felt that there was something in my eye after I removed the contact lens yet again. I found another contact lens. When I removed it, my eyesight cleared dramatically, indicating that yet another contact lens remained. Somehow I had two contact lenses in my eye! I have a hard time explaining how this could have happened. Do I walk in my sleep with such acuity that I could get into my safe and remove a box of contact lenses and put them in my eye? If so, how dumb is it that I didn't put them in separate eyes?

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