Monday, December 24, 2012

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In October I wrote the following. In November we all cast our votes. I try to avoid following politics at this point. From what little I am inevitable exposed to, my predictions that the incumbent would continue his dictatorial behavior has been accurate. Prudence vs. Penuriousness, Assertiveness vs. Bullying I've been following presidential politics for over a year now. During the Republican primary season I had various favorites but Governor Romney was not one of them for several months. This was primarily because of 'Romneycare', the program he instituted in Massachusetts during his time as governor. I finally warmed to him during the debates in Florida. I have never cared for Newt Gingrich, who debated with Romney and seemed to lose ground as a result of his failure to rise to some of the challenges he met. RicK Santorum and Michelle Bachmann were two of my favorite candidates for their solid conservative records. I am close to being a Libertarian. I believe that the federal government should be severely limited in its powers. We need a common defense against our enemies, but instead of having federal laws that cover virtually every aspect of our lives, I think that the states should deal with each other on most issues. In my view one of the few federal responsibilities would be the regulation of international borders, but our current administration has followed a pattern set by previous administrations that create chaos on the borders. As the final weeks before the election provide us with the spectacle of a government losing control of foreign relations, failing in providing economic stability, and burdening business and citizens with ever more onerous regulations, we are given the opportunity to review the people seeking the office of President of the USA and Vice President of the USA. I disagree with the policies pursued by the current administration. Crippling domestic oil production and the transportation of oil from Canada through dubious environmental concerns, imposing an expensive and extensive medical program on the entire population, pursuing a policy of producing edicts from the White House whenever the President grows weary of the constitutional practice of letting Congress make law, and the encouragement of Islamic fundamentalists such as the Muslim Brotherhood instead of shoring up our alliance with Israel are my primary reasons for wanting a change. On a more personal note, I admire Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for what I have seen of their character as revealed in the recent debates. Both of them maintained a positive and intelligent demeanor while debating their opponents. On the other hand, President Obama seemed disinterested and repetitive. Certain memes repeated again and again by the Democratic campaign, such as the 5 trillion dollar tax break for millionaires seems to have been made up from a few obscure and biased studies and then fixated upon as if it were holy script. However, it is the behavior and demeanor of Joe Biden that has caught my attention more than any other single fact. At his debate with Ryan, the notably penurious vice president behaved in a manner that disgusted me. I have contemplated ending my relationship with those who approve of his antics. He acted as a bully and a bore. The moderator added to the insult with her permissive behavior toward the Demoncrat, clearly aiding him by interrupting Paul Ryan when he was getting to the point. Ryan gave us the compliment of assuming we would understand his message, and I did, what I could hear of it through interruptions and the loud laughter and OMG expletives. Biden gives me the creeps

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